Run Around Online

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“Run Around Online” is a fun game where you have to demonstrate your dexterity and quick reaction. Our good old friend Stikman got a new job. The first week was so intense that the guy was torn apart. He tried to have time to do the maximum amount of work and not to miss anything. Stickman worked so hard that he only laid his head on the pillow and immediately fell into a dream.

And when the evening came on Friday, when you can turn off all the alarm clocks and sleep peacefully, the boy tossed for a long time and fell asleep only in the morning. He dreamed that he was late for work. Stickman with a briefcase ran in a circle and could not get out of it. Let’s help the hard worker? In the game “Running on the Circle”, you will run in circles and jump over various objects. To complete a level, you need to run through every millimeter of the circle. It will not be easy, because in front of you there are many traps that will complicate things. But do not give up, but better get together and become a real champion, who has no difficulty whatsoever! Enjoy the game and good luck!