Run Race 3D

Parkour is not even a sport, parkour is a lifestyle! If you love extreme sports, speed and freedom, then parkour will become your element. In the game “Run Flight 3D”, you will comprehend the art of moving in space at any distances and heights. Here you have to demonstrate all your skills and become a real champion. You will play a red athlete who knows a lot about parkour and is not afraid of heights. With such a cool hero will be easy, but do not rush to relax, because you will have strong rivals: blue, green and yellow men.

All runners start at the same time. Try to get ahead on the first climb and do not let your opponents outrun you for a second. Your character will run automatically, and you must show everyone the perfect sense of space. Try to deftly jump on the platforms and slide on the walls, and then no one can overtake you. To win, you need to run three laps first and leave all your rivals far behind. This will be an epic race and you will become a real professional. Enjoy the game and good luck!