Sand Balls

Sand Balls: Summer is the most fun and sunny time of the year. On these happy warm days, you can sunbathe on the beach all the time, play on the beach and swim. In the crazy gameSand Balls unblocked” you will find the most fun summer fun. You will play with colorful balls. The essence of the game is that you need to dig tunnels in the sand and help the bright balls get into the back of a large toy truck. At first, this game may seem very simple and unpretentious, but in fact, everything is far from the case.

With each new level, it will become increasingly difficult for you to make the right choice, and you will have to carefully consider each step you take to get to the goal. Be careful and try to make sure that all the balls get into the truck. If you succeed, then the balls will make the truck heavier and the sand under it will settle. Thanks to this, the transport will be able to move off and leave for unloading. This cool game will give you a truly sunny mood and help drive boredom away. Enjoy the game and good luck!