Shootout 3D

Aim and shoot at Shootout 3D, a simple unblocked game where you need to save good people from thugs.
Become a hero and deal with enemies in the game Shootout 3D, just slide your finger to the side to aim and shoot. The idea is very simple, because what you should do is twist a finger across the screen, so that the hero simply points his weapon in the right direction. But each time it will become more complicated, more enemies will appear, barriers, barrels and even innocent civilians who need to be saved. You will have to choose the correct trajectory of the flight, so that the bullet will fly and get rid of the barrier and hit the target exactly. By rotating and picking up a bullet flight for your hero, you will automatically rotate your enemies, who will also have weapons. You can direct them so that the bullets fired by the enemy hit the fuel barrel and blow them up. You will destroy several enemies at once, directing their shooting trajectory one by one, so that they shoot each other.
To pass one level, you need to defeat a few simple rivals, as well as the main boss, who hides behind cover or behind the backs of his subordinates.
In a word, you will enjoy the game, and if you want you can download Shootout 3D right now. The only drawback is the presence of advertising, which does not disconnect, as the game requires a constant internet connection.

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