Stack Shot is a brilliant arcade game that is similar to the hugely popular Fire Balls 3D. In this game, you must fire the balls at the towering stack in the center of each level – you must time your shots carefully to avoid the barriers that are continually spinning. The surroundings of each level look fantastic, and you can see some beautiful landscapes. As you progress, the challenges become harder – the disc spins faster, and you must be extremely accurate to roll the balls through the gaps. Can you become a Stack Shot master? Release Date February 2019 Features Variety of ring obstacles A bomb power-up to blast away an obstacle or destroy a set of stacks 3D point-of-view 10 lives in each level Platform Web browser Categorization Arcade Games » Stack Shot More Information About Stack Shot Stack Shot is an amusing arcade game. Check it out on CrazyGames. Stack Shot has been played 1,168 times and has been rated 8.2 out of 10 by 34 people. Stack Shot is built with WebGL to run without trouble in modern browsers. If you enjoy Stack Shot, make sure to take a look at our other arcade games or to Pac Xon and SHOW LESS Controls Press left mouse button to shoot Press right mouse button to use the bomb