Stickman Adventure Prison Jail Break Mission

In the game “Stickman Adventure Prison Jail Break Mission” you have to fulfill a responsible mission. Recently, Stickman has been falsely accused and imprisoned. The guy is not ready to just put up with injustice and decided to escape. Ahead of you are waiting for dangerous adventures and heated skirmishes. Are you ready to go against justice and help Stickman escape from custody? Then, to the point!

There are ten levels ahead of you. But before you start the game, select a skin for your player. When the choice is made, you can safely turn into a daredevil and escape from the camera. Before the beginning of each level, you will receive tasks that you need to complete. You have to find weapons and eliminate the guards who guard the perimeter. Be on the lookout and don’t let the patrolians catch you by surprise. Take them to the sight from a distance or shoot at point blank range. Help Stickman escape and break free. Good luck