super archery

super archery is a great game in the style of our beloved Super Mario. You have to go through some tests and stay safe and sound. You will control a skilled archer who is heading for his new mission. On his way, evil zombies and flying monsters will meet. Your task is to help the super archer get through all the difficulties, kill the sinister evil spirits and collect all the possible coins and bonuses on the way. Six challenging levels are waiting for you in the game, and the further you go, the more difficult it will be to deal with monsters, because there will be more of them. Rely on your own strength and your faithful bow. At the beginning of each level you will not have a large number of arrows that are designed for your own defense and firing at coin boxes. Remember that the supply of arrows is not unlimited and they must be used wisely. Killing monsters and passing the level you will find additional arrows and lives that will help you overcome a difficult road. Collect as many coins and bonuses in each level as possible for the best result. Good luck!