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Are you ready to go on your first space trip? If so, sit back, fasten your seat belts and forward to conquer the wonderful and mysterious world of the unknown, distant space. Super Mega Space Game will tell you the story of a scientist who was lucky enough to fulfill his cherished dream – to personally go to explore the far corners of our galaxy. You are waiting for a very exciting and fascinating space travel. Get ready for the dangerous, but very interesting tasks that you will have to solve in order to successfully complete your mission.

How to play?
First you need to take the courses of the “young pilot”, where you will learn to control the spacecraft. He has a margin of safety and fuel. When you hit other objects, strength decreases. Watch the arrow on the screen, it will always tell you where to fly, as well as the on-board computer on the left, when it starts blinking, then a new task is available to you. After you fly all the control points and complete the training, you will need to find a portal to get to the planet. It is here that the really difficult tasks begin, for the solution of which you will have to exert a lot of effort.

On the planet, you can repair, refuel and improve your ship, adding new features to it, such as: docking lever, towing cable, energy extraction from crystals. All this is necessary for the passage of missions. Do not forget to save your progress in the pause menu, it helps a lot, because you should not rely only on checkpoints. Complete tasks, collect crystals, upgrade your space ship. Complete story mode and help our friend build their own planet!