Taz Mechanic Simulator

The crazy game “Taz Mechanic Simulator” is a brand new unique game in which a huge number of opportunities for assembling and tuning cars opens up for the player. By playing, you can become a real mechanic of Soviet VAZ brand cars, they are also called Taz. This is the first online mechanic simulator game with 3D graphics, in which you can use all the special mechanical tools to repair and assemble cars.

So, in the game you have only two cars available, namely: VAZ-2106 and VAZ-2109. Both models are familiar to everyone, and most motorists simply adore them. Choose one of the machines and get to work. Customize your own car and experience it. You can change all parts of the car, such as: bodywork, body color, wheels, suspension, interior elements and even assemble the engine in parts. The possibilities in the game are just a bunch and this makes it possible to create a completely unique car.

Parts for assembling your pelvis can be bought at the store, you have enough money in stock. Choose the necessary parts and buy them, and then proceed with the installation. Old parts can be removed, and new ones set. Your goal is to create the coolest car, both in appearance and in driving performance. Despite the simplicity of the game, it will not be easy to assemble the car to the end, for this you will have to study most of the details that are installed in order of priority.

When the car is ready, you can go to the race track and check it in motion. If you need to replace something, go to the garage again and start working. Play, learn to assemble cars and become the best VAZ mechanic! game unblock unblocked games 67 team