The Last Survivors

The Last Survivors : This is both a logical and 2 player games, in which you will control a man and a girl who remains the last on planet Earth, which has experienced a real apocalypse. Viral epidemic reigns on the planet and all of humanity have either died or turned into a zombie. Play as a father and daughter, who must get out of the city. They have to go through more than twenty very dynamic and difficult levels in which you must play with both characters. A man has a great command of the stick and can beat it in all directions, but the girl throws stones, which is sometimes necessary to attack from afar. With the help of these weapons, you must somehow solve puzzles, and also fight off the walking dead, who will attack you as soon as they see you. Some of them need to be destroyed immediately, but there are those that will help you pass the level if you can lure them to the right place at the right time. Use the environment to raise and lower the lifts, open and close the doors, in order to quickly open the door and go further. It is important to collect screws that are scattered in different places to unlock achievements. Good luck