The skull man

Today a completely different world awaits you, where everything is completely different than what we are used to seeing in our everyday life. You will transform into a strange creature with a naked skull flaunting instead of a head – a sight, to put it mildly, already frightening, but nothing can be done. This character found himself in a very difficult situation: he is imprisoned in his crypt world, from which he simply dreams of getting out as soon as possible in order to breathe the sweet smell of freedom with his full chest. But in order to fulfill your dream you will have to go through hundreds of obstacles that, as if by themselves, grow in front of you. Fortunately, you have something that will help pave the direct path to the intended goal – this is an excellent chainsaw, your best friend, whom you can rely on in difficult times. So use it wisely, and then you will surely achieve the desired result – eternal freedom from the fettering bonds of the dungeon, the sweet aroma of vast expanses and a feeling of complete power over your existence outside the framework and prohibitions!