Totem Destroyer Redux

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Totem Destroyer is a great puzzle game where you can demonstrate your logical abilities. The game takes place in an impassable jungle. In their very heart dwells an ancient tribe that worships a sacred deity. The divine idol personifies the golden totem. His cherish, as the pupil of the eye. But once an idol was stolen by an enemy tribe and now wants to sacrifice it to its gods. To prevent this from happening, we need a hero who can save the situation and return the statue again to his temple. It is you who will become this hero!

Ahead of you waiting for twenty levels, where you have to save the sacred totem. To complete a level you must lower a stone with an idol to the ground. You can not let the totem fall, otherwise it will collapse and shatter. You need to destroy all the wooden boxes and green blocks so that the figurine was on the ground and did not fall. Use your logical thinking and ingenuity to succeed and save the idol. Enjoy the game and good luck!