Troll Adventures

Trolls are an ancient civilization that has experienced many terrible events. They tried to destroy many nations and tribes, so today there are very few of them left. In the adventure game for boys Troll Adventure, you will play as a wanderer who is looking for the last troll hideaway. On this difficult path, he encounters a large number of very different creatures, most of whom are aggressive towards him, although he goes in peace. You have to overcome more than one continent and solve more than one riddle to find a place where your brothers hide from the raids of other nations. The game has a full-fledged role-playing system, you can develop your character, level him up and fully interact with the world. In addition to the main task – searching for relatives, complete additional quests to get additional rewards. After long wanderings, you still were able to discover the habitat of your people. On a distant island, where no one seemed to be living, there is a whole underground city, where for a long time the trolls are hiding from people. It remains only to figure out how to penetrate this island …