Tunnel Rush 2

Welcome to the Color Tunnel 2 crazy game! In a second you will find yourself in one of the most amazing places. This bright labyrinth is replete with all the colors of the rainbow and with one glance at it the mood rises. A journey through this amazing tunnel awaits you. You will control a small ball that swiftly rushes forward, not paying the slightest attention to obstacles and traps.

During the game, be careful, because the endless corridors of the tunnel will be replaced by different colors. They can delight the eye with a kaleidoscope of bright colors, which at one moment can change into monochrome colors and disorient you. Look in both and try to overcome all obstacles in your path. You must respond quickly to changing situations and deftly maneuver between traps. Have fun, beat your own records and practice agility. Enjoy the game and good luck!