“UNDERWATER CYCLING ADVENTURE” is a cool sprint that will take place in deep waters. You will travel along ornate underwater routes and deftly maneuver in corners. Closely monitor your athlete’s oxygen level. To replenish air supplies, collect all the oxygen tanks in your path. To pass the level, you need to get to the finish line. You just need to accelerate in time, because you must have time to cross the finish line in a given time. It will not be easy, but only will spur the spirit of sports interest.

At first, only one cyclist will be available to you. To open access to other athletes you need to score a certain number of points. To do this, you need to collect shells with precious stones during the race. Ahead of you will find many exciting levels under water. This game will appeal to all not only fans of sports games, but also to gamers who love action and adrenaline. Enjoy the game and good luck!