Untitled Goose Game

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The Untitled Goose Game was developed by the Australian gaming studio House House and released on Nintendo Switch, macOS and PC. Despite the fact that the game was released not so long ago, but its terrible hero – the goose captured the interest of gamers. Just imagine, you have to steal a rake from local gardeners, have picnics with things from their homes, break the glasses of little boys and even make people fall from chairs. And all this, as well as many other dirty tricks you will do no one else like a goose.
Sometimes, even when you really want to try to play the role of a bad guy in video games, it doesn’t work out that way. Still, good deeds and actions gain the upper hand, because otherwise, you start to feel awkward and uncomfortable. But now, there’s nothing left for you to do but take on the role of the harmful goose that pests the inhabitants of a small town. The entertainment is very funny and comic, you will not do really bad things, but to laugh heartily as it happens.
Geese are the strangest creatures of nature because all they have in mind is to run after the children and painfully pinch them on their heels. They do not doubt anything before committing this or that act. Once they were dinosaurs, and they still believe in it. When you first gain control of the “villain” in the Untitled Goose Game, you may wonder why he has a to-do list with items such as “throw the rake into the lake” or “make the gardener hit his hammer on the fingers”. But the reason is simple: because you are a goose! Here you will free yourself from the rudimentary human notions of morality. Instead, you need to play the game like the best goose you can be, which means you need to buzz, flap your wings and throw other people’s things into the water.