Whack Your Ex

The former lover does not find peace? Annoying girl tries to return? Get rid of the unusual game will help Whack your ex, which will tell you how to quickly part with the unfortunate character. Here you will release anger and at the same time throw out negative feelings towards the person.

At the bottom of the monitor are items that are used as weapons. For action, you need to pick the right tools. The game offers to use each as intended. Some are for a guy, others are for a girl. First you should get acquainted with the different items in order to understand their features and purpose. Choosing shoes, you take the shoes from a woman and burn her. Whack your ex is suitable for those players who may have a broken heart and in their dreams they want revenge. This is a great psychological approach that will allow you to lose the negatives left after unfavorable relationships. Thus, beating your ex well, you will take revenge on your second half for your time. Playing is not boring with such a variety of possibilities.