Word Candy

Many players like to watch various television quizzes and enjoy watching how the players in them answer questions and win cash prizes. And you would like to show off erudition and prove to everyone that you are a very smart person.? Today we present you the Word Candy game, which can be safely classified as a quiz and puzzle game. You will see letters of different colors on the screen below. You need to make words out of them. The number of words will be indicated on the top of the letters, as well as the minimum number of characters in the word. As soon as we open at least one word we will be given points. The level is considered completed when you solve all the words that are encrypted here. At the same time, remember that for each word you will be given a certain period of time and you need to keep within it otherwise you will lose. If you guessed the word, then the timer will be updated, and you will again have time to reflect on the answer. The game is a bit complicated, but this is its highlight. She will give you the opportunity to test your intellectual abilities.
Word Candy game is quite interesting and we are sure to like you. Open Word Candy on our website and spend your leisure hours with benefit and interest.