Strong players, cool boosters and a sea of ​​food for the biggest snakes and worms! This is what awaits you in the mega-popular multiplayer game “wormax.io”. Here, your rivals can be players from any continent of the Earth. Exciting adventures and a crazy hunt for experience await you. Before you get to the card you need to enter your nickname and select a skin for your worm. You can immediately rush into the thick of the battles, or you can go through registration and get very nice bonuses. Registered users are given the opportunity to accumulate essence, and access to the game store with artifacts is opened.

How to play?
Your character will be a small weak, but a very nimble worm. In order for it to grow stronger and become larger, you need to absorb multi-colored food, which is abundant on the map. But that is not all! You can hunt other worms and try to cut them. In a collision, enemies will die and leave their accumulated experience in the form of food. You need to eat it right away until other snakes have done it. Remember that you are not only a hunter but also a potential victim. Therefore, it is worth keeping an eye out and acting with caution.

Once you reach a certain length, your worm will have three skills available: acceleration, stopping and transparency. When accelerating, you will move very quickly, but at the same time your character will lose weight and this may affect the leaderboard. A stop will give you the opportunity to stop abruptly and avoid collisions with other players. During the operation of the transparency skill, your worm becomes intangible and a hassle with the enemy is not dangerous for you. Also, on the map, you can collect not only grains of feed but also useful boosters. The value of each booster, you can study below. Enjoy the game and good luck!more io games unblocked