Ze Field

Welcome to the crazy game “Ze Field”! Here you will find amazing adventures in a black and white world. A little zebra lives in this world. She loves to walk in an outlandish field. There live funny little animals with whom she has been friends for a long time. One fine morning, our zebra discovered that some bully had stolen her strips, which she was so proud of, and had hidden them on the field. We urgently need to find them! Guys, help a cute zebra regain its treasure and enjoy life again? Then, to the point!

First of all, you need to go around the whole field using arrows. Carefully inspect each area for black stripes and other useful items. For example, collect worms to feed and drive out a flock of ravens that are sitting on the printer. There will be many strange creatures around you worth paying attention to. For example, on the straw bogeyman, there are buttons that you need to click in a certain order. Be careful, because the tips are here at every step. This escape-style game will appeal to fans of puzzles and logic games. Good luck. also, play Ze Field unblocked at school