Zombie Mission 3

In the game “Missy Zombies 3” you will find a princess in the fraternity and brother. All the heroes are corrected in the secret laboratory. That’s where I found comforting results, killing an active virus. Many learners and workers are both infected and turned into zombies. There is a hodgepodge of labs in all the laboratories, and the horror of the tech, which is scary to avoid. Our heroes are obliged to gather in secret and save all living beings. Ready to help them?

You can play the character in a timely manner, but you can play another and play on both. It has unlocked uranium, and unlocked doors in the following sector, which inevitably brings disks and disasters. After you poke you in the eye, throw a zombie and a set of dangerous lobsters. For example, the toxic reservoirs of toxic substances are necessarily destructive, as long as they generate zombies. In the laboratories you can find a variety of weapons that can be used in zombie combat. Теперь всё только в ваших руках. Priyatnoy games and strokes!