Zombie Outbreak Arena

In the game “Zombie Outbreak Arena” the world was swept by a terrible virus. In a matter of days, he turned almost the entire population of the planet into bloodthirsty monsters. Now hungry zombies are walking along the deserted streets. Several thousand managed to survive, and now they are ready for anything to survive.

How to play?
Before you start the game you need to choose an arena where you will fight with zombies: an intersection, a railway station, a maze, a park or a road. Also, you can choose the time of day – day or night. In night mode, you will be able to earn fifty percent more experience points. This will be a pretty useful bonus when buying skills.

Once in the arena carefully look around. At first, there will be complete silence around you, but very soon the zombies will feel the prey and go on the trail. Observe nearby territory and open fire as soon as you see zombies. Useful bonuses and boosters are scattered throughout the map. The main thing is to have time to pick them up. Also, you can free the survivors. After that, they will become your companions and help fight monsters. At the end of each round, you will earn experience points. Spend them on useful skills and do not give the zombies a single chance to eat you. Enjoy the game and good luck!